More Companies

We previously talked about the company Green Smoke, and now we will be talking about some other important companies in this industry.

One of our favorite new brands is Vapor 4 Life. These guys have been around the block for a while now, but are just starting to get some of the recognition that they deserve. If you decide to go with them, make sure that you implement a Vapor4Life promo code before you checkout and spend money. This above coupon can save you up to 30% off of your order, so it can really be a big help on cutting down the cost of your order.

Another one on our list is Vape Wild. These guys are definitely a lot more new than the others that have got a mention from us, but we believe they are on the rise a lot quicker than possibly any other company we have seen in this industry. We really like how they focus more on e liquids and tanks, as that really is increasing in popularity…very smart of them to do. Just as with Vapor 4 Life, make sure that you use a VapeWild coupon before checking out.

It’s pretty interesting to see all of this panning out with the e cigarette regulations that are circulating, but we will see what happens!

Review of Green Smoke E Cigs

It is not surprising that you might have already heard about Green Smoke as it is arguably one of the biggest names in the e-cigarette industry. There is no denying the brand’s success in this industry but while the company claims that its popularity is from the quality of its e-cigarettes, some claim that it has not more to do than with aggressive marketing. Which is which? Let us clear this up by having an in-depth look at the Green Smoke E-cigarettes.

The Design and Packaging

When you receive your Pro Kit from the company, you will quickly notice the intricate artwork that has been put on the packaging. The logo of the brand appears at the top of the box, with a beautiful nature theme in the background. The box ideally comes with a strong strap that holds everything in place. Once you open the box, you will find three batteries enclosed in a foam holder and two cartomizer packages that you selected along with a USB charger, a wall charger, and a carry case as well. Everything is neatly packaged, and the design is remarkable. Right off the bat, you can be able to tell that you are getting a quality product. If you use a coupon code then you can save between 10 to 20 percent.

The Battery Performance

Green Smoke has been known to be the first company to use the KR808D type lithium battery in the e-cig industry. Additionally, the company has made their tweaks to improve the battery’s performance. For those of you who do not understand this terminology, the KR808D type lithium battery is a significant upgrade over its predecessor and it, therefore, can operate much longer. Currently, the Green Smoke’s batteries have the ability to last an average of 370 puffs which roughly equals 8 hours of vaping. There are shorter batteries, however, and they last about 6 hours of standard vaping usage.

Due to the significant upgrade, the response from taking a puff of from the e-cig is nothing short of amazing. With most ecigs, you need to take a few drugs for you to be able to see your first desired vapor. This is not the case with this brand as thick vapor can be seen from the very fist drag.

The Price

Due to the quality presented by this company, the Green Smoke products were nowhere close to what you would regard as cheap. However, as competition continues to rise, the brand has been able to streamline and bring down the price of their products exponentially. Today, their products are not only competitively priced, but they are among the best in the market, which makes it a great value pay. You will kits from £49.97 to £84.


In my opinion, I think there is no better e-cig company to buy from than Green Smoke. The design and packaging are taken into careful consideration; the battery performance is among the best in the industry, and their prices are competitive with such high-quality products. You will not be disappointed if you give Green Smoke a try.

New Property, New Home, New Specialty, Same Name

real-estate-agent-28776_1280We are keeping our Desert Property Specialist name because we have always been very happy with it. It’s home to us, and yet it’s definitely a new property.

You’ll also notice a new, or perhaps we should say different, specialty that we are currently focusing on. The markets change, as well you know, and so must we. We appreciate your patience during our transitional phase.